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Training and professional courses

Are you looking for online courses, but the choice is so vast that finding your way around is difficult? Phyd offers training courses to help you acquire new skills, to strengthen the ones you already have and to allow you to find what, in the world of work and in life, is most for you.

Free courses and paid courses, in fact, are very effective tools to improve and expand your know-how. But they can also allow you to discover new passions, to identify which profession fully responds to your skills and dreams. It all lies in choosing the proposal that is most in line with your needs.

Training and professional courses: how to choose them?

Free courses or paid courses: how to choose the perfect course for your needs? The first thing to do is to ask yourself how much time you have available: there are courses that last a few hours, others more intensive that can cover several weeks.
On Phyd it is possible to find multiple training solutions:

  • for students;
  • for those seeking employment;
  • for those who want to improve their skills and aspire to a better professional role;
  • for freelancers, so as to allow them to offer more services to their customers.
It is then possible to choose between basic and entry level courses or advanced courses, i.e. designed for those who already master a subject but want to deepen it.

The important thing is never to make a hasty choice: analyze the program well and compare the courses that interest you.
Phyd's artificial intelligence also comes to your aid, selecting the best courses for you based on the results of the assessments and your training and professional profile. In this way, within Phyd's rich range of courses, you will find the options that are most suitable for you.

Phyd courses: the most popular

The most requested Phyd courses reflect the needs of a market increasingly oriented towards the digital sector.

On our platform, for example, you can find Excel courses, PowerPoint courses, courses for Social Media Manager; and again, courses created by Google, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, MS Learn, or courses to become a Data Scientist, Marketing and YouTube Marketing courses.
Learning to use the programs most requested by companies means giving yourself additional job opportunities. At the same time, knowing the secrets of Google and Social Media can also help freelancers and entrepreneurs who, in this way, will have new tools in their hands to promote their brand, services and products.

For those who want to deepen a passion, want to turn a hobby into a job or intend to expand their fields of action, there are numerous coaching courses, an English course, a photography course or a path to becoming a videomaker.

The advantages of Phyd courses

We put at your disposal a wide choice of training and professionalizing courses.
All Phyd courses provide a guarantee of high-level teaching; the training courses are intuitive and our complete offer allows anyone to improve their skills, to fill some gaps or to embark on a new path by realizing their professional dream.

Thanks to the courses offered on the Phyd platform, growing professionally is easier.
It also becomes simple to acquire knowledge, notions and small tricks to better face your life (not just work). From the conflict management course to the proactivity course to the critical thinking course.

All skills that can be acquired thanks to Phyd teachers and coaches, helping you both at work and in relationships with other people. A Phyd course is an investment in yourself: immediately choose the path that's right for you. And to challenge you, Phyd also offers you a wide choice of tests to check your reasoning skills, your soft skills and much more.

Assessments: here are all the tests to measure your skills

Coaching, tutoring: concrete support to grow

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