Digital Marketing

Get started launching multi-channel brand, acquisition, and retention campaigns. 
Enhance your job performance or indulge your creative curiosity. Digital Marketing On Demand is a fun, flexible learning path that gives you a robust introduction to digital marketing fundamentals.

 Skill up when you want, where you want on our dynamic online platform. 

 Hone techniques in segmentation, customer insight, CRM, analytics, automation, and more. Apply new skills to work or passion projects as you go!


At-a-glance benefits

- Premium content by experts

- 53 unique lessons

- Flexible, self-led format

- Downloadable lesson guides

- Quizzes

- Skills assessment

- Portfolio-ready project creation 

- Device-friendly platform

- 12-month access 

- Letter of completion


Get ahead with GA’s proven Learning Path 
Our expert-crafted lessons and readily accessible mentors help you grow your professional toolkit. Learn on a schedule that works for you with 12-month access to our dynamic platform that’s available on any device, 24/7.

After completing this program, you’ll be able to:
Apply core digital marketing skills like market research, SEO, and funnel optimization on the job.

Launch multi-channel brand, acquisition, and retention campaigns.

 Add new skills to your resume and advance your career.

 Immediate Impact on the Job: Inside Our Learning Path


Customer Insight

- Market research

- Audience segmentation

- Developing and using personas

- Mapping the customer journey


Creative and Content

- Setting objectives

- Writing briefs

- Adhering to brand

- Content strategy and creation

- Audience, channels, and devices

- Delivering creative feedback


Marketing Channels

- Social media

- Display advertising

- Digital video

- Traditional media

- Direct channels (SEM/SEO)

- Owned media

- Retail marketing

- Earned media

- Emerging channels



- Measuring business impact (LTV, CAC, ROI)

- KPIs by marketing funnel stage

- KPIs by marketing channel

- Cohort analysis

- Testing

- Optimization

- Multi-touch attribution


Marketing Technology

- CRM and personalization

- Analytics

- Measurement

- Testing and optimization for CMS

- Marketing automation

- Ad tech

- Data management

- eCommerce


Bonus: Free Certification Assessment

This program includes free access to the Certified Marketer Level 1 (CM1) assessment, study guide, and practice assessment — a $200 value. Evaluate your skills in areas including creative development, analytics, and multi-touch attribution. 


Your personal CM1 score report offers insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Qualifying scores of 30+ out of 45 receive the prestigious CM1 Credential, recognized by top companies around the world.



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