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Our certified coaches help you, through a personalized plan, to understand your aspirations and potential to achieve maximum satisfaction.

What is coaching

Coaching is a process of developing a person's potential in which the coach supports the coachee in defining and achieving a goal, whether personal or professional.

How it works

The coaching process is developed through a series of meetings (in-person or online) between coach and coachee, functional to increase his awareness and allow him to define his own plan of action.

How to choose the coaching?

On our platform you will find the coaches with whom we collaborate. You will be able to make an initial cognitive call with them and thus understand who is the right professional to turn to.


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Ask for support in presenting yourself in the world of work

Book a session with our tutors who will help you to better present yourself to companies and acquire the right preparation for your next job interview.

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Virtual assessment

Immerse yourself in public speaking in virtual reality. The experience will take place at Phyd Hub.

Simulate your job interview

Be well prepared for your next interview with one of our tutors, who will be able to assess you and suggest points for improvement.

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Review your CV with us

Review your CV with one of our experts, who will help you enhance the way you present yourself to companies.

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Coaching, tutoring: concrete support to grow

Facing the world of work, especially for the first time or when you intend to advance your role (or completely change your profession), is not easy. This is why coaching and tutoring can be extremely useful tools: let's see them in detail.

Coaching is a training path that allows you to develop your potential and enhance your skills to achieve personal and professional goals. In coaching a strong relationship is established between the coach and the coachee, and the coach's fundamental task is to support the coachee in finding his way to achieve his goals. The coach represents a real guide who supports the person in a path of improvement, starting from the identification of their goals until the desired goal is reached.

If your goal is to improve yourself in the way you present yourself to companies, to make the most of your potential, what you need is a Phyd tutor! Tutoring is a service that helps you to make your resume as effective as possible and to better prepare for your next job interview, through concrete suggestions and practical tests.

The Phyd mentoring service, on the other hand, is designed for those who feel the need to have a point of reference with which to compare themselves in order to understand how to orient their professional growth path.

Why rely on the Phyd experts?

Competitive, dynamic, in constant evolution: the job market today requires the continuous acquisition of new skills, not only on a practical level.
Taking part in a coaching path means investing concretely in the full development of one's potential.

Phyd's coaches fully embrace the philosophy of our platform, aimed at helping people to deal with a constantly evolving job market. A market that requires constant updating, acquisition of new skills and an equally continuous refinement of one's social and relational skills.
Phyd's coaches offer discounted rates, to allow everyone to undertake a coaching path that can improve their personal and professional life.

PHYD coaching is of different types: from Life Coaching, to change your life for the better in a concrete way, to Career Coaching, which helps you to identify the best career for you; then there is Business Coaching, which allows you to improve your approach to the way you work. In addition to these types, Executive Coaching, which is aimed at managers and entrepreneurs, and Student Coaching, designed to help students find the right study path to address.

Whether you are a student, a worker (self-employed or employee) or an entrepreneur, with Phyd's experts you can discover your potential, invest in your skills and improve your life, both working and personal.

Free mentoring one more help to reach your goals

Phyd also offers a free tutoring service, for those entering the world of work or a new profession. The tutors on our platform support you to present yourself at your next job interview, checking your resume, defining your skills and helping you to practice for the first interview.

Choose Phyd's coaching and tutoring services: you will have an edge in your profession and get closer to the job you dream of getting. And to improve your skills, also discover all Phyd's courses and tests.

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